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Soup Pots: Tomato Soup

I hinted to you about the possibility of Thomas the Baker starting to offer Soup Pots in the near future in my post to do with Porridge Pots, and fortunately they’ve passed the all important taste test, so starting tomorrow, there will be freshly made tomato soup available in these handy little pots in our shops. The soup is homemade (check with my mum to find out the mess my dad has been making in her kitchen while coming up with the recipe!) with fresh garden vegetables including onion, carrot, celery, tomatoes and zingy basil. The soup can be bought in these pots chilled in the shop  for £1.25 to eat at home or heat up in your office for your lunch later, or you can ask for it to be heated up in most of our shops with a white or brown softy roll to be eaten on the go for £1.65. I know sometimes on my lunch break…

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Porridge Pots & Fudge

After a long break over the busy Christmas period, the Thomas the Baker blog is back! As I’m sure you know, the run up to Christmas and the festive period itself is very busy for us and January gives us a chance to get caught up, but we’re back up and running with plenty of new things to get you going this year. I’ve got a couple of new things to introduce for you today, so read on to find out what yummy goodies we currently have on offer and how you can get a free sample! Today we’re introducing something new: Porridge Pots! As of today. these are available in any of our shops (find your closest one here) for £1.00. I tried my first one today and I’ve got to tell you how quick and easy it was to make, not to mention yummy. If you fancy something warm and filling to start your day rather than just…

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Products in development with Stephanie Moon

You might remember I mentioned our development team at the bakery the other day. Well, it’s not just cupcakes and sweet things they’re always thinking it, it’s everything from new and exciting breads taking inspiration from recipes around the world to brand new ranges such as fudge and meringues – I’m keeping you in suspense here again, because there’s more of that to come at a later date. Here at the Thomas the Baker blog, you get exclusive access to what’s going on behind the scenes at the bakery, so today I’m bringing you a bit of information on a new product in development: deli style sausage rolls. Sausage rolls are one of our most popular savoury products. In fact, if anyone ever talks to me about Thomas the Baker, they’ll always mention sausage rolls. Personally, they’re not my favourite product, but that’s only because I’m more likely to be found lurking around the confectionery than the meat and savouries!…

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