Our Craft Breads & Rolls

At Thomas the Baker, we are proud of our range of freshly baked breads and rolls, made during the early hours at our craft bakery in Helmsley. Over the years, our master bakers have perfected the art of creating the most appetising and satisfying bread for every occasion.

Great Taste Awards

In the early hours of every morning, you'll find our craft bakery buzzing with life as we create the loaves that you'll find on the shelves of shops later that day.

We like to make our bread 'slow and easy'. Using a combination of traditional and contemporary methods, our bakers craft your loaf to achieve a variety of different subtle tastes and textures, unique to each product.

From our everyday loaves such as our popular Country Crunch and Farmhouse that make up your daily staples to the Artisan breads for a taste sensation that can't be beaten and a variety of rolls, whether for your daily sandwich, a bacon butty or soup with a roll, we'll have the right option for you.

Our focus is on quality in everything we do, so we can guarantee that the product you purchase off our shelves will be second to none. Our production methods naturally improve the keeping quality of your bread, meaning that additional dough improvers or enhancers that are commonly used in plant bakery breads are not necessary in ours, giving you that fresh, homemade taste in your Thomas the Baker loaf every single time.

There's nothing better or more delicious than the smell of freshly baked bread

Family recipes never surpassed

We pride ourselves on using traditional techniques from original recipes that have been developed over time in-house by our own craft bakers.

Nearly all of our 'everyday' breads are made using the 'sponge and dough' 48 hour method which is, to the best of our knowledge, unique to Thomas the Baker in non-artisan breads. It's a time consuming method, requiring careful control and a lot of storage space for dough, but results in a better tasting and easier to digest final loaf.

Our Artisan breads, including the ever popular Sourdough, Seeded Brown Cob and Demi-Baguette among others, are the product of many years of hard work and devotion to sourcing the right ingredients and using techniques from as afield as Milan and Paris.

Homemade produce crafted by our master Bakers

75% of ingredients are locally sourced

As proud Yorkshire bakers, we are committed to supporting our local farmers, suppliers and manufacturers as best we can. The vast majority of our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, many from Yorkshire and the surrounding counties.

Some of our more specialised breads require ingredients from further afield for the more authentic taste we promise our customers – the flour for our Ciabatta and Focaccia rolls are sourced directly from the mill in Rome and our extra virgin olive oil can come from nowhere else than the Mediterranean region to make sure fresh rolls are available every morning.


If you want to enjoy the taste of freshly baked Thomas' bread every morning, but don't have the opportunity to get to a store every day, why not try our

Bake at Home range

All your favourite Thomas the Baker artisan breads can be bought in store and will be available for Click and Collect in the near future from our site.

The breads are developed as they usually would be alongside loaves ready to be eaten straight off the shelves in our stores, but are par-baked and sold to you frozen so that they can be stored for far longer than usual, ready to be popped in the oven at home.