Our Great British Cakes & Biscuits

What would a great Yorkshire bakery be without its cakes and biscuits? Made fresh in our Helmsley bakery by an enthusiastic team of skilled bakers who have worked for years to perfect the recipes our customers know and love today, there's something for every sweet tooth to enjoy.

Great Taste Awards

We have a great selection of traditional Yorkshire fare and bakes from further afield too; today you might want to try a traditional Victoria sponge cake filled with real buttercream and fruity strawberry jam, but make sure to save some space for tomorrow because you might just fancy a slice of our zingy Lemon drizzle cake with your afternoon coffee.

Wow your friends at afternoon tea with some of our tasty cakes: zesty, spicy or traditional, the choice is yours. Our indulgent Belgian Chocolate Millionaire's Slice as an indulgent treat or rich Yorkshire Brack loaf, packed full of premium vine fruits soaked in real Yorkshire tea, are always a favourite among our customers.

Fancy a sweet treat in your lunch box? Our all butter shortbread generously topped with smooth caramel and a thick layer of Belgian chocolate might just hit the spot. If that's not quite your thing, why not opt for a piece of oaty flapjack, plain, chocolate or packed full of fruit and nuts? Just the thing for a snack when you are exploring the outer reaches of the beautiful Yorkshire moors.

Why not sample some of our crispy crumbly or crunchy cookies or biscuits – great for dunkin' when no one is looking.

What did we tell you, we've got a fantastic selection of sweet treats that we could talk all day about!

Family recipes never surpassed

We might have giant mixing bowls, huge ovens and massive wooden spoons, but that doesn't mean our recipes are any different from good honest home baking – it's just that 300 eggs per mix take a bit longer to crack!

No need for preservatives here, everything is so freshly made it hasn't got a chance to get old. Flapjacks are made every day, tarts and slices twice a week, even our award winning Yorkshire Brack is made every week without fail.

When it comes to Christmas, what a choice we have! With our gold star Great Taste Award winning Christmas Puddings, our fabulous rich moist and fruity Christmas cakes and our cheeky boozy Tipsy Imps on offer, there should be something to keep the whole family happy.

Homemade produce crafted by our master Bakers

Ethically sourced ingredients

We strive to source our ingredients from suppliers who produce in a way that does not exploit people or the environment, and from companies who have similar values to our own, even if it means that it will cost us more.

We always prefer to buy locally or from UK producers whenever the option exists. Where more exotic ingredients are needed and sourcing locally is not possible, we always talk to the supplier or producer to attempt to purchase traditional materials that have been ethically produced.

Two good examples of this are our coffee and our Belgian chocolate. The coffee is sourced from ethical farms and cooperatives. The chocolate is bought from producers who comply with the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and UTZ standards. Both ingredients can be bought an a much lower cost from less reputable companies, and would save us a great deal, but this isn't the way we choose to run our business.