Straight from the oven Bake at Home

Yes, you really can buy a wide range of Thomas the Baker award winning goodies unbaked to pop in your freezer, ready to bake at home at short notice for surprise visitors or your invited guests. They will be astounded at your fabulous baking skills!

And it's not only pies and pastries, you can purchase anything from our Artisan Bread range too. These are made using ancient and traditional baking methods in much the same way as our usual breads, however these loaves are removed parbaked from the stone oven a few minutes before the final bake is completed. Perfect for keeping in your home freezer, they benefit from a quick blast in a hot oven to finish off the crispy or chewy crust. All you need to do is allow them to defrost, and then pop in a hot oven for 12 or 13 minutes for a perfect loaf that is indistinguishable from bread fresh from our bakery. You just can't beat the aroma of bread fresh from the oven.

There's nothing better or more delicious than the smell of freshly baked bread

Family recipes never surpassed

Our "H'Eccles" cakes are a little bit posh and come from Helmsley, so we thought the H' might be appropriate – and of course we didn't want it to be confused for the Lancastrian version. Yet another of our award winners, but we keep it quiet as we don't want to re-start the War of the Roses!

If you haven't tasted a Thomas' Cheese Straw, you are obviously not a native Yorkshire person. Light and flaky, and packed full with fresh Red Leicester Cheese, these are everyone's favourite from pushchair to tea party.

Fancy a slice of pie made with fresh Bramley apples, and just enough sweetness to remain tart - you can always sprinkle on a bit more sugar - you're in luck. But you are in Yorkshire now, so forget vanilla ice cream or double cream, Yorkshire folk eat their apple pie with a big chunk of cheese!

Homemade produce crafted by our master Bakers

Reet good Yorkshire Quality

Mr. Thomas was invited to join farming friends for lunch one afternoon and knew he was in a tight spot. The farmer's wife was a great cook; she had been baking cakes and pies for her children and grandchildren for 3 generations. Her baking skills were renowned at the local WI and country shows and she held little regard for bought in cakes. Rounds of fatty bacon sandwiches ensued and plenty of Yorkshire tea was drunk, then it came to the time for pudding.

Every Yorkshire farmer's favourite was served, along with a stony glare directed towards Mr. Thomas: a freshly baked Yorkshire Curd Pie was swiftly devoured. Her husband commented to Thomas the baker how successful he might become if he could make a curd pie to match his wife's, little did he know that his wife had stopped making her own Yorkshire curd pies 20 years ago...