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Tomato Soup Thomas the Baker Thomas the Baker Soup Pots

I hinted to you about the possibility of Thomas the Baker starting to offer Soup Pots in the near future in my post to do with Porridge Pots, and fortunately they’ve passed the all important taste test, so starting tomorrow, there will be freshly made tomato soup available in these handy little pots in our shops. The soup is homemade (check with my mum to find out the mess my dad has been making in her kitchen while coming up with the recipe!) with fresh garden vegetables including onion, carrot, celery, tomatoes and zingy basil. The soup can be bought in these pots chilled in the shop  for £1.25 to eat at home or heat up in your office for your lunch later, or you can ask for it to be heated up in most of our shops with a white or brown softy roll to be eaten on the go for £1.65. I know sometimes on my lunch break I just want something warm and hearty instead of a squashed sandwich brought from home, and this would definitely do the trick!

So the homemade tomato and basil soup will be available as of tomorrow, but make sure to be on the lookout for more flavours in future – I’ve had the pleasure of sampling several versions of a chunky veg soup which was super yummy!

We’ve also got a bit of news on some old favourite products today. While we serve many yummy treats, it’s impossible for us to sell everybody’s favourites all at the same time, so occasionally we have to withdraw something so another product can get a chance. But one of our old favourites, the Coffee Choux bun, is being reintroduced this week. They’ll be available at the offer price of 2 for £1.40, an amazing 40p saving on the full price of 90p each! They’re perfect for an mid-morning snack or an afternoon treat on a long day, or just as a sweet treat after a meal.

Thomas the Baker Tomato Soup Tomato Soup at Thomas the Baker blog

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