Thomas the Baker, Market Street , York: Open Day

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We’ve been away for a little while on holiday, but we’re back and raring to go with an exciting event at our main York branch of Thomas the Baker, our Market Street store: a fantastic Open Day with the opportunity to get involved in various activities and try out a few samples of our favourite foods. As you can see above, we’ve recently installed a couple of new “Bakers” in our window which have been drawing plenty of attention.

  • A competition to name the new Bakers and their mouse in the window which will be 50p per entry with all proceeds going to the Help for Heroes charity. The prizes for the chosen names at the end of the day will be a £50 Thomas the Baker hamper for each baker, and a £25 hamper for naming the mouse.
  • Free samples will be available throughout the day.
  • There will be free balloons and biscuits for children.
  • “Gingy”, our lifesize Gingerbread Man, will be roaming the surrounding streets, so make sure to keep your eyes open for him!
  • We’ll be introducing our new ranges of frozen ready meals, locally produced jams and preserves (see a picture above), our latest Bake At Home Artisan Bread ranges, and our new desserts and puddings, as well as all our old favourites, with plenty of free samples available for you to try.

Above you can see a few pictures of the shop as it looks now, with a few of the lovely ladies who work there (top picture: Alice, Becky, Lorna and Frances). We’re really looking forward to the day and meeting all of you, hope to see you there!

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