Helmsley Plum Loaf

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We’ve been so busy over at Thomas the Baker, creating new products while still keeping the old favourites just as good as ever, that we haven’t had much time to keep up with this blog! Nevertheless, we’ve got a new product hot on the shelves at the moment that we just had to share you with you while it’s still brand new: the Helmsley Plum Loaf.

I was lucky enough to be able to sample this while it was still in production a couple of months ago and was definitely taken aback by it. While in the past I’ve never been a big fan of sweet loaves, apparently I am now, particularly with this plum bread! I’ve found it’s perfect to have as a snack any of time of the day, but my favourite ways to have it are as a tasty breakfast instead of a piece of buttered toast, or after a meal when you’re wanting something sweet but not too sickly. I’ve found it works ideally as a replacement breakfast as it fills you up and has a satisfying warmth and sweetness when toasted with a bit of butter.

What I didn’t realise until just yesterday though was that….there are actually no plums in it! So why is it called “Plum Loaf” then?

It’s a bit like Bombay Duck (which is actually fish), mincemeat (no meat in sight!) and toad in the hole. The history of plum bread goes back a long way, which explains the name. In the past, “plum” referred to all the different dried fruits that were packed into this tasty loaf; the usage of the word to mean dried fruits has dropped out of usage today, but the name stuck around by tradition.

I shared one out around my office today, and let me tell you, it didn’t last long! It’s definitely a moreish treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day, and will be loved by everyone from young children right up to the great grandparents. You can pick this up in any of our shops now. If you can’t spot it on the shelves, make sure to ask about it – you definitely won’t regret it!

thomas the baker plum bread thomas the baker plum bread thomas the baker plum bread


s dhesi

can you make a wholemeal or best of both flour version, that way, its got the healthy edge?

Also the GI Bread is worth a try! Seedy and nutty. Could also make a fruity seedy version just by adding dried fruit perhaps? As I struggle to find any healthy versions of food from the Bakers these days. May I also suggest Wholemeal Tea Cakes.. Everything seems to me more of White flour than other type of flour.


Would you tell me what the shelf life of your Plum Bread is.And Is there a use by label on the package?
Thank you.

    Sian Thomas

    Hi Les,

    Plum loaves are made twice a week to guarantee freshness, however they are a product that can be kept by the customer for up to 3 weeks in a sealed pack. We would recommend toasting them after about 4 days to eat them in their best condition. Other bakers sell similar products with a 6 to 8 week shelf life. As with most of our products there is no use by date as we intend for the product to be eaten soon after purchase. Plum loaves are also suitable for freezing.



We live in a retirement complex and brought some plum bread home from Harrogate, everybody who had some wanted more, just as delicious toasted, hope we can purchase it on line, if not another trip to must

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