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I hope you all enjoyed your taster of fudge from our last post, and now we’ve got a bit more to say about it today! The last time we mentioned our fudge, it had only just been released into the shops and came in a cellophane wrapping tied with a ribbon. Though we’d already perfected our recipe at this point for chunky pieces of fudge which had that rich butteryness of Scottish tablet and a smoothly soft centre reminiscent of American style fudge, we hadn’t yet perfected the packaging, so we’re now releasing the fudge in a slightly different package as above. The tray of fudge, as well as being an indulgent treat for yourself, is the perfect gift for friends and family with its luxury “chocolate box” appeal – I’ve already bought it as a housewarming present for a friend! Handmade at our own bakery, it’s delightfully different to other fudges out there but still has that comforting creamy taste you’re used to.

The fudge is available in all our stores for £2.20 per tray and to order on our website here for those who aren’t situated in the North of England. And you’re in luck because we still have some sample packets to send out to you for free!

If you want to claim your free packet of Thomas the Baker fudge, simply sign up to our blog by email (in the sidebar) and send your delivery address to

And do let us know what you think of it! Either send us an email, tweet us or comment below – if you have any ideas for future fudge flavours (I know I’d love to see salted caramel!), we’d love to know!

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