Tony Townley

Tony Townley

Engineering Manager

Tony was born in the swinging 60s, the decade that shook Britain, and the year the E-Type Jaguar was launched. Born in Hakin, a small fishing village on the West coast of Wales means that Tony can only ever support his homeland when it comes to Rugby Union. Of course, this has its advantages when you work for a company named 'Thomas'!

Their first move to Northumberland when Tony was 8 started a bit of a nomadic lifestyle. Moving almost every year of his childhood gave Tony a broad education. He fondly recalls living in a converted railway guard wagon in Cresswell, where his mother had to bring in the tin bath and heat the water from the wood stove.

Tony was attracted to military service and set out his goals to get the right qualifications to be accepted into the Royal Air Force. Joining at age 17 as a Ground Equipment Mechanic, he attained qualifications in mechanical, electrical and refrigeration disciplines along with a number of others. Tony did several tours of duty in the UK and overseas which included the Falkland Islands and the Gulf during the active operations. Eventually, having spent 13 years in the RAF he chose to join Thomas the Baker. Since then, not one to rest on his laurels, Tony decided to qualify himself at Sheffield Hallam University in environmental Management in his own time.

His passion for technology has earned Tony the nickname 'Tekno' which he is quietly quite pleased with! Another company romance led to the wedding of Tony to Louise (Sales Manager), many believe she has the patience of a saint! Don't ever try to get 'one up' on Tony with his gadgets. As Louise can tell you, their living room (garage and spare bedroom) looks like they have just won the weekly prize from the 'Gadget Show' – think you have got the latest smart watch, Tony has just sold his on eBay – Bill Gates comes to him for ideas!

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