Sharon Nickson

Sharon Nickson

Area Sales Manager

With oodles of common sense and the ability to see through the murk and come up with sensible solutions, Sharon has earned the respect and friendship of all those she works with.

Not one to stand back from an issue, Sharon fearlessly tackles shoplifters with little thought for her own personal safety. They might be carrying a concealed weapon, but that carries little weight with Sharon when they are trying to pinch her sandwiches!

Sharon currently oversees 11 of our shops reaching from Skipton across to Beverly. Having joined Thomas the Baker in 1996, whilst progressing rapidly through the ranks, we now think she is beginning to settle in. However, we have noticed that she has recently become quite distracted by her growing hoard of grandchildren - what a treat for us to see all their latest photographs on her phone! Sharon's long suffering husband and Master Butcher, Philip, likes to keep a close eye on the quality of our Sausage Rolls and Steak Bakes. Fortunately he has plenty of opportunity to do this as Sharon spends most of her time driving from one side of Yorkshire to the other, so getting the roast dinner ready in time can be quite a challenge!

Sharon describes her interests as reading and musical theatre, why not ask her to give you a rendition from 'Phantom of the Opera' next time you see her?

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