Louise Townley

Louise Townley

Sales Manager

John Thomas was horrified when he walked into our Lendal shop in York in 1984 to be welcomed by the new 17 year old Saturday girl who was attired in black Doc Martins, significant quantities of eye shadow to match and enough facial piercings to set off an airport metal detector. Louise quickly realised that these decorations did not match John's exacting standards along with words to the effect of: "Either they go, or she goes." Louise now sets the standards for the shops, and remembers that lesson very well!

It soon became clear to Louise that given a choice between working full time (with pay packet), or University, that the former had more appeal. Louise quickly picked up the ropes, and was soon in charge of a group of York centre shops. She has since gone from strength to strength and now has overall responsibility for all of our shops. Louise has a great deal of respect and many friendships around the business, and is not averse to an odd night out with the girls. She might come in a small package, but when it comes to the next round, Louise is always up for a pint. To his embarrassment, our Production Director discovered that he was unable to match this particular skill of Louise's.

And yet another company romance blossomed as Louise fell for the charms of her future husband to be and Maintenance Manager, Tony. It's fortunate that they both have interests in sports and socializing, as it would be dreadful to imagine that their work conversations might extend into their home life!

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